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A Cleaner Future

The new Alamitos Energy Center will ensure a cleaner, more reliable energy future for California.

The Alamitos Energy Center — which is under construction — will be more efficient and responsive to California's electricity needs, serving both peak and intermediate loads to provide system stability in the heart of Western Los Angeles' critical local reliability area.

Closing the Energy Gap

The new, modernized Alamitos Energy Center will help close the energy gap left by the permanent closure of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) and the retirement of old, inefficient plants, and help the state integrate more clean, renewable energy.

It will provide the reliability needed to help prevent blackouts and brownouts when temperatures soar, or when wind and solar facilities aren't operating because the wind isn't blowing or the sun isn't shining. 

And because it can shut down and start back up so quickly, it doesn't need to run at idle during lower periods of power demand.

A Bridge for Renewables

The new, more flexible Alamitos Energy Center will be more efficient and be able to start and stop in a matter of minutes (compared to the nearly 36 hours it takes for the existing generators) — allowing for integration of more renewable energy. 

It will also be able to respond quickly to "smooth out" the supply of electricity when renewable facilities like wind and solar aren't operating — providing exactly the kind of clean, local, flexible natural gas electricity state energy officials say is an essential part of California's diverse energy portfolio.

California has been working to implement its ambitious Renewables Portfolio Standards (RPS) program. Under this program, 50% of California's overall energy must come from renewable sources by the year 2030. However, the unpredictability of wind and solar require natural gas and other more reliable sources — including energy storage — to ensure a continuous supply of energy.

Benefits for the Community

We're spending nearly $1.3 billion in private investment to remove the old plant and build a more aesthetically pleasing, efficient and modernized facility that will create jobs and increase local tax revenue — boosting the economy, while improving views in the neighborhood with much shorter stacks and more beautiful landscaping.

The Alamitos Energy Center will result in more than $130 million in local purchases, 4.7 million hours in construction-related work and a payroll of over $400 million — much of which will be spent in the local community.

Once completed, the project will contribute $8 million annually to the local economy, while also generating tax revenue to help pay for local services, like police and fire.

Shorter stacks will result in significant visual improvement, and high-quality landscaping and other enhancements to the grounds will further enrich the "curb appeal" of the property for the benefit of nearby homeowners and businesses.

Benefits of Natural Gas

The demand for renewable energy is on the rise — which, in turn, leads to the demand for reliable, clean, low-cost natural gas power to fill the gaps when the sun sets and the winds slow.

The new Alamitos Energy Center uses the same clean natural gas used in local homes and BBQs — and in our state's growing "green transportation" efforts that convert city vehicles to natural gas. It's clean, inexpensive and releases virtually no ash or particulates.

Our modernization project is helping California realize its goals for increased renewables — and a cleaner future.