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Creates jobs and tax revenue, beautifies neighborhood

We're spending nearly $1.3 billion in private investment to remove the old plant and build a more aesthetically pleasing, efficient and modernized facility that will create jobs and increase local tax revenue — boosting the economy, while improving views in the neighborhood with much shorter stacks and more beautiful landscaping.

The Alamitos Energy Center will result in more than $130 million in local purchases, 4.7 million hours in construction-related work and a payroll of over $400 million — much of which will be spent in the local community.

Once completed, the project will contribute $8 million annually to the local economy, while also generating tax revenue to help pay for local services, like police and fire.

Shorter stacks will result in significant visual improvement, and high-quality landscaping and other enhancements to the grounds will further enrich the "curb appeal" of the property for the benefit of nearby homeowners and businesses.